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Your Luxury Estate Business in a Box

I would like to share with you our proven guidelines and industry secrets to maximizing your cash flow.

If you are a Vacation rental property owner, Property manager, realtors and/or brokers, this step-by-step manual will guide and teach you how to maximize your efforts, gain instant increased revenue and open up a whole new stream of revenue sources for your real estate investment.

"Travelers or corporations can be rest assured that when they are renting a property with "The Mark of a Hospitality Estate™" they will benefit from your commitment to uphold the organization's code of ethics and business practices. This ensures your guests are provided a quality experience, and that will have them returning time and time again.

We will help to build your business with information on...
  • How to Market your Properties AND to which industries, and/or demographics
  • Introduce several new Avenues for Revenue
  • Corporate Special Event Policies and Procedures
  • Hospitality Estate™ Operational Guidelines & Proven Revenue Sources
  • How to utilize and offer Concierge Services as a source of hidden cash flow
  • Source and establish your Preferred Vendors with legal, self-assurance liability Agreements
  • Amenity Packages for the leisure travelers verses the Corporate Travelers
  • Wholesale Luxury Hospitality Linens & Towels for bed/bath
  • How to get Quality Housekeeping through an intensive Point System Incentive
  • Computerized remote locking system for check in/out
  • All region specific Legal Property Owners Agreements and Quality assurance Policies
The licensee package includes webinar training for all of your team members, mangers and/or realtors. A personal Bella Representative is available to come to your location and train your staff, set up your concierge, DMC and catering/rental company contractual agreements and %'s. Hands on rep is available for an additional fee.

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