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Realtors and Brokers

If you are a realtor and/or broker that have numerous multi-million dollar properties sitting on the market costing your property owners money, tap into our methods and start bringing in revenue now; and not only for your firm and your realtors, but also for your property owners. They will be thrilled that you are bringing in revenue while you continue to market their properties for sale. Let's face it, if a vacation renter is going to spend $2000-10,0000 a night to stay at one of your listings, guess what, they are a potential buyer. What better way to gain a buyer than to let them sample and fall in love with the goods! Most realtors are used to getting 6% on a sales and feel that rental is not worth the energy, what they do not realize is that the average rental agents fee is $25-45% of the rental rate. That adds up if you have many properties in the rental pool!

If you are a broker with over 100 realtors in your firm, download your application for a licensee agreement today! Your investment starts at $10,000. (This equates to one night corporate dinner venue rental at ONE of your over-the-top properties!)