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Luxury Linens and Towels

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In order to keep our committment to WOW our clients, we make sure from the moment they get into bed to bathing, we are committed to servicing our luxury clients with the products that they expect and deserve! Only the best for our guests!

After many years of research (meaning sleeping on sheets, drying off with luxury towels and washing our hair) we have settled on the best option. Not only do we offer wholesale hotel rates on all of the above items, we bring you the luxury brand known to all: FRETTE! Frette bath towels and sheets are the best your money can buy. They are made from only the finest of natural fibres.

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Frette Hotel Linens

Luxury Amenities

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Amenities for the bath were tested and sampled and scrutinized until we reached a unanimous decision. After sampling over 25 different brands of soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shave kits, etc. The Bella family all agrees that Bigalow offers THE ULTIMATE SHOWERING SENSORY EXPERIENCE! When you get out of the shower, you feel like WOW! All at great wholesale rates...pennies per unit price!

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