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I just wanted to take a minute to personally thank you for your help during these trying times. As a commercial real estate developer, these times are especially difficult for us. Having a larger than average home, you have given me the opportunity to utilize it in ways that I never imagined. You have shown me how to take my home and create unexpected cash flow which has helped with the upkeep of the estate grounds, monthly debt service, and allowed me more time to travel for free, as when I am away, my home is generating income to pay for my trip.

Upon return from my trips, or after an event, my house is always in impeccable condition and cleanliness. Usually cleaner than when I left. Your staff takes every precaution to make sure that the renters are happy, but also that I am, and I truly appreciate it. Whether it be a major corporation renting the home for a function, a couple having their wedding, or a family just getting away for vacation, when I return, I always can never tell.

When I purchased this estate, then plan was always to renovate it and then possibly sell it. However, with the market eroding, selling it was not an issue. You have given me an alternative to selling this property at a loss, while allowing me the opportunity to live in it and enjoy it until the market returns to better days.

As we have only been doing business for 2 years, I know from my experiences that this will be a long relationship in either this house, or any of my future ones.

Thank you again for you help,

James Grant
Diversified Asset Management, LLC

To Whom It May Concern:

I have dealt with Margie DiGuiseppe Van Zee & Bella Palazzo Inc. since February 2009, during which time we have listed 12 luxury properties as short term rentals. the high level of estates, professional handling of bookings, and ease of doing business with Bella Palazzo has provided my business with excellent leads and notoriety as a Real Estate Professional.

I can confidently recommend Margie DiGuiseppe Van Zee of Bella Palazzo as a solid leader, and expert in the Luxury Estate business.

Yours faithfully,
Wendy Jellies
Real Estate Professional

In response to the progressive dinner created by Bella Palazzo and sponsored by The Arizona SITE Chapter, Fort McDowell Adventures, HAHN/FORISTAL Travel Management, Inc., The Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau, Encore Entertainment/Creative Decorating & Décor

-Wonderful! Loved "The Boating Party".... Very unique! Beautiful homes, great progressive theme!

-Masterful (accompanied by a hand-drawn sketch of the Renoir painting!)

-Outstanding presentation, unique idea. A great way to demonstrate the creativity of Phoenix and the folks who represent the hospitality industry. Tres Bonne!

-Excellent! Would be great to do some more paintings (In the plan!) Idea is wonderful!

-Great creative / will book it!

-Wonderfully unique! Great job - this is a tough crowd and you "wowed" them. Thank you!

-Priceless - "A Perfect Renoir" Timeless.

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